Woman with a Movie Blog

A website by a woman who thinks making allusions to a 1929 Russian documentary is cool, talking about the films that inspire conversation in her.

A 2021 Film Journey

Part Film diary, part personal blog. Follow my day to day blog as I attempt to watch at least 1 film a day for all of 2021.

Year End Posts

End of the year lists, Oscar predictions and wishes, and anything else centered around summarizing the prior year in film.


Do you ever have a film that just speaks to you, either for good or bad? Does one specific character no matter the size of part just speak to you? Well that happens to me all the time.  Instead of speaking them only to the abyss (or to my friends who are much less interested in film than I am), I’m collecting them here for anyone to read. I don’t have a degree in film theory, so essays will take more from my personal experiences than film theory.